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6 Reasons Why Haute Art Pillows Would Make A Great Holiday Gift

Mae Acmali Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching. And while we are busy getting started with our endless shopping list, we also face the dilemma of choosing what gifts to give to our friends and loved ones. Of course we want our gifts to be special, like the people in our lives. We want them to feel that our presents are carefully thought of. There are lots of gift ideas out in the market today. So many that sometimes we find it difficult to decide. Most are either too common, too expensive, or offer little value or sentiment.

Presenting... Haute Art pillow covers from Haute Art Designs, where we take adult coloring to an extraordinary new level. Adult coloring is a trend that started recently and has grown very big ever since. While there are people who find it funny and associate this with children, research shows that it gives adults therapeutic benefits like stress relief and less anxiety.

Art and design is always a good combination for gift ideas, and now one can enjoy coloring with a different type of media (paint and fabric pillow covers) to create a stunning art masterpiece.

So how would Haute Art pillows make a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift?

1) It is unique. It’s not everyday that someone thought of giving DIY pillow covers as a gift. And because you can actually customize the cover by coloring it, this is what makes this gift all the more special.

2) It is useful. Family and friends can use their designed pillows either as a gift to someone special to them, or they can display their work of art in their own homes.

3) It’s affordable & meaningful.  You can spend a significant portion of your salary on a gift but at the end of the day, the most important thing to consider is - will your loved ones love it?

4) There are no age restriction with Haute Art Pillow Covers. You can give this to almost anyone: friends,  teachers, co-workers or even your parents. This is one gift idea they will be grateful for in more ways than one as this gift will help them relieve their everyday stress or help them start a fun hobby.

5) Comes in fun and versatile designs. From the touching Together Forever design, to the whimsical Magic Garden. There is something for any taste or occasion.

6) You can win exciting prices by sharing. Haute Art Designs is encouraging its customers to share their masterpieces on social media by using the hashtag #HAUTEARTDESIGNS. Share and win another pillow cover!

Who wants to receive boring useless presents this year? We know we want something that will not make us go “oh, a coffee mug, okay” or “a photo album - again.. okay”. While it is true that it’s the thought that counts in giving gifts, we also want that “wow” effect. And when giving gifts, we want our family and friends to remember us in a special way. Whether that would be because we gave them an idea of what gifts to give next, or simply because we helped them relax after a hard day's work. We hope we made our case to consider Haute Art pillow covers for the upcoming holidays or year round. Let's get creative!