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Our Story

Through our unique pillow covers, my dream is that you create for yourself or present the most personalized gifts possible to your loved ones, friends, teachers and colleagues to express your appreciation for their involvement in your life.

You see, I am already living the American dream. I grew up in the Iron Curtain of the former Soviet Union. I remember that I and many other children had so little and very few toys. But we had amazing imaginations and this same passion from my childhood is what I now bring to Haute Art™ Designs. I thank you for being part of this important journey that I have been on in my life that I now pass onto my own 3 children.

It was my late grandmother who first taught me how to sew, knit, embroider and crochet. This brings back such beautiful memories. I recall that I had some of the most glamorously dressed dolls in my old neighborhood! I also loved to draw and paint and this led to a close friend diligently grading my creations on a weekly basis to help me to improve my skills. I am very thankful for that early interest in my creative spirit.

Today, I would like to share with you my latest creation – a first of its kind product that takes adult coloring to a whole new level, where anyone of any age group from stay-at- home moms to retirees and even those with no artistic skills can create stunning, vibrant masterpieces – decorative accent pillows that they can be proud of and enjoy in their homes or gift to someone special in their lives.

Each of the 10 original design ranges in our collection represents something very close to the heart for everyone on the team from me to my amazing artists and wonderful designers.

Empowered with a true passion for creativity and a Degree in Finance, I became a serial entrepreneur businesswoman launching multiple brands in the heath, beauty, children’s and now gifts and accessories sectors. It was such an honor to be interviewed by the international veteran TV broadcaster, Anderson Cooper, on a Million Dollar Idea television show. This was after he spoke with an entrepreneurial hero of mine, Sara Blakely, the billionaire Founder of Spanx featured in TIME and FORBES Top 100 lists.

You know how it is. These days, it can be very hard to find a suitable gift that holds a much deeper significance. In today’s fast-paced world with a need for instant information and gratification, I feel that it is more important than ever to take the time necessary to reflect, reconnect and rediscover yourself. Drawing and painting are one of the highest forms of healthy expression and adult coloring is all the rage not just in America but around the world.

Allow us to safely take you back to your greatest childhood adventures. Think of it as a type of meditation or effective stress and anxiety buster that can also improve focus and mental clarity. How would it make you feel to unplug from the noise of the world for a little bit of peace, harmony and me time?

Haute Art™ was born from a passion and love for art, creativity and the fusion of style and functionality for home décor. I wish to instill passion, creativity, and imagination in all of my children and encourage them to regularly disconnect from gadgets and electronic devices.

Each pillow cover has a sewn in tag with MADE WITH  FOR YOU that you can personalize by hand for your special recipient with your unique message of love, encouragement or inspiration.

Please share your artwork with our growing community for a chance to win prizes by using the hashtag #HAUTEARTDESIGNS

What will you express for a loved one today? I cannot wait to see!

Let Your Imagination Fly!